Owners Information

How It Works

Let's face it, we would all love to have thousands of pounds spare to go off and purchase our own racehorse and that's where the dream would end for most people... but you have found Ventura Racing! We are here to make this dream more attainable for everyone.

We work with some of the top trainers up and down the country in order to purchase quality horses. We really want to offer this experience to as many people as possible, so we purchase horses of various different prices to suit everyone's budget. Shares are generally available for purchase in multiples of 2.5%. You can use the calculator on our horse pages to work out the cost for your desired share.


Upfront Cost

The initial upfront cost of the horse to our owners is dependent on a few things, mainly the purchase price of the horse. There is then the cost of travel from the sales and any vet bills from having the horse checked before purchase. We also add a small fee to the price to cover our expenses whilst searching for the horses.


Monthly Cost

The monthly fee you pay covers the cost of training the horse, vet bills, farriers fees, transport, teeth cleaning... we could go on but it's a long list. The only additional costs you may incur are insurance for your horse, or if you are lucky enough to have your horse run in a Class 1 race or above. A small management fee is included in your monthly costs, charged at £150 plus VAT per month for the full horse. These monthly costs differ for each of our trainers simply due to the price they charge us to train the horse.


Being An Owner

So what are the perks of being an owner? Well firstly, you get a share of any prize money or proceeds from the sale of your horse. The share you receive will be equal to the percentage you purchased in the horse and unlike some syndicates, we won't take a cut of any of your prize money. It's all yours! So not only do you get the joy of your horse winning, you also earn some money.

When your horse runs you are entitled to an Owners & Trainers badge, which entitles you to all the bonuses you would get if you owned the full horse. This badge allows you to use the Owners & Trainers bar- an exclusive facility for connections of racehorses. It also grants you access to the parade ring and saddling area prior to your horse’s race, to discuss race tactics with your jockey and trainer. 

Becoming a member of the Ventura Racing team offers you the opportunity to share these experiences with like-minded racing enthusiasts, creating long-lasting friendships in the process.